Saturday, January 31, 2009

They Just Might Be The Real Thing...

Josh is in his Senior Year of high school at Edmond North. He has maintained a very high GPA and has dreams of becoming a Orthopedic Surgeon. Yes, that makes Mom extremly proud and sad that my boy is growning up. Carly is the love of his life and it just might be the real thing. Only time will tell as they grow together. Oh the ups and downs of young love, I NEVER want to go back. Being a teenager is hard enough especially these days. I hope and pray that my sons will make great husbands and fathers. They both have proven to be very romantic and that is a huge plus! It seems so strange to me that every girl my boys date from now on may become my daughter in law. OMG, I am getting so old! :(

Friday, January 30, 2009

What a day...

The kids finally went back to school after 3 snow days and I wake up to a poor sick baby sleeping in puke (gross I know and not the best way to start a day for mom). Natalie spent almost the whole day laying on her hard floor or on the couch beside me. She couldn't hold anything down until after 11. My friend Alison had picked up a few things for me at the store and when she dropped them off her little boy Ryan who is just a couple weeks older than Natalie had a surprise for her. He brought her purple tulips and "Be My Valentine" Barney DVD. How sweet is that? He was so proud to bring his girl flowers. I wish I had caught him handing her the flowers it was precious! Things seem to be calming down around here thank goodness!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Dog Everyone Loves, BUT ME!

I have established that I am just not a dog lover! Boo has been a member of our family since my sister got him for Mackenzie when she was 3. To me, I guess he is just one more thing to take care of but to Mackenzie she seems to think her life would be just awful without her sleep partner! Did I fail to mention that tongue licks everything. Ewww....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Double Trouble...

These two girls have changed our lives! Mike and I never planned on having kids when we got married. I mean after all he already had two boys 15 & 19 and I had two 6 & 7. But, God had other plans! Mackenzie came into our world 9 months to the day from the day we were married. After we got over the shock, it was just simply amazing to think this little girl just naturally blended our two families together! We suffered a great loss when our little baby Ashley was stillborn at 21 weeks but, God saw fit to send us little Natalie to help heal our hearts because my God is good! So our nights are full of stories, make believe, pony rides, performances, high pitched screams and giggles. And I wouldn't want it any other way!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally, a snow day!

We have waited way too long for a snow day from school. It was really nice to spend the day just hanging out with the girls. Mackenzie and I broke out our scrapbook stuff and Natalie well, she was just in the middle of everything! When we couldn't take it any longer, we bundled up and went outside to enjoy freezing our bums off! Natalie loved licking the snow and trying to catch the big beautiful snowflakes falling. It was a great day!

Monday, January 26, 2009

That was the promise....

We weren't even looking but the Lord had other plans for us. I met Mike almost ten years ago at Camp Meeting. Neither of us were looking for a relationship but, we had so much in common we developed a friendship that soon changed course. He had a killer smile and such a huge heart how could I not fall in love. I remember when he called me on the phone to see if it was ok for him to come visit and of course I said yes. When he arrived he handed me a CD. I asked him what it was and he told me he had written "ME" a song. I was overwhelmed, "ME"! The title of the song was The Rest of Forever! I was so proud to go to work the next day and share my song with my friends. As my friends listened to the song, they asked me "well, what did you say?" I was like say about what. I told him I loved it and couldn't believe he had written and produced a song just for me. They started laughing, he was asking me to marry him and I was CLUELESS! Well needless to say I was so embarrased that I didn't even bring it up when I saw him. He eventually asked me in person sitting by the pond at Haefer Park and I believe my answer was "YOU BET". I know, I am such a loser but I won that day!