Thursday, December 3, 2009

In the Arms of God!

Dear Ashley,

Four years ago today you entered this world my darling baby girl. I've never been as overcome with emotions as the day you were born. If I could of made time stand still and held you forever I would of never put you down. But God had other plans for you never to have to suffer in this world. I can not put into words the desperation I felt having to leave the hospital without you. I stood looking out the window crying to God...why? There below my window was the statue that has probably stood since the hospital was built but for me, it was put there JUST for me. Jesus standing with his arms stretched out. I gave you my little girl up before I got the chance to even know you. I know that you were laid directly into His arms and you have no pain! Just know, you will NEVER be forgotten and we all miss you! Love Mom