Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Traditions

This year has been quite a challenging year in the Belyeu home! The housing industry has dropped and work for Mike has been quite scarce! So this year for Christmas we have decided to return to our roots. My mom always decorates her house from corner to corner with Christmas cheer and it is the one time of the year she bakes (she hates it, must be where I get that from). It has never been about endulging in presents it has been the family time. I am so blessed to have been given such a gift as my wonderful husband Mike. God really knew what he was doing! Mike and I have decided this year to minimize gift giving this year and concentrate more on what lasts, making mememories! We have noticed how much our kids from the oldest down just really want to be with us and value our time! So, the house is decorated as you will see in some pictures. We will start some baking together but, then it is on to entertaining! Natalie told me yesterday she doesn't know Christmas music (bless her heart) so that will be a job for Daddy and Mackenzie to get busy on so we can go caroling. Christmas is about so much more than gifting, take the time to spend loving your families and spending time with them. I would love for friends to share with me some of the traditions they do at Christmas!

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